Water Slide Rentals In New Orleans

Is it time to plan your next birthday party? Or, do you just want to have an afternoon of fun for no good reason? Whether you’re planning a birthday party, school carnival, church festival, or an event for just about any special occasion, we have the perfect solution for the question that is often asked: “what do you want to do?” WATER SLIDES! A water slide rental can provide your entire family (and friends) with hours of heat-beating fun. Be sure to follow these simple rules to beat the heat!

The Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna Water Slide

1) Have fun! Parties are supposed to be fun. Sometimes we get so caught up in the planning of the event that we forget to have fun. Are you renting the water slide for one of your kids? If so, make sure that you give it a try too. Water slides can be fun for EVERYONE!

2) Football season is starting again. It’s time to start those Sunday Saints parties. Renting a waterslide takes your Sunday football party to the next level. So break out the grill and start those burgers! What better way to kick off another exciting season than by having a party? A waterslide rental will ensure you have the best Saints party on the block!

3) It should go without saying, but make sure that you have access to water. A water slide isn’t as much fun without water.

4) If I haven’t mentioned it yet, don’t forget to have fun!

About To Bounce Giant Water Slide

27 Foot Giant Water Slide

Check out www.abouttobounce.com. They have the best selection of water slide rentals in the New Orleans area. Every water slide that they rent has the dimensions listed on their website, so you will know if you have enough room in your yard for the slide that you have chosen. Plus, they have tons of other great advice on party planning too. They also have a links page that directly links to all of your children’s favorite websites. If you want to see one of their many waterslides in action, check out their equipment video section. You can even check the weather directly from their website! Now that’s customer service! They have taken all of the guesswork out of renting a water slide. Now all that is left to do is rent that slide and have a great time!

Just remember, water slides can be fun for all ages and will add excitement and adventure to any outdoor event!